Worship and Music


We are singers of all ages who aim to glorify Jesus Christ and lead our congregation in the singing of hymns, songs, and anthems.  Our choir sings each Sunday, rehearsing at 9 AM before the 10:15 AM worship service. We also rehearse upcoming anthems the first Saturday of each month, from 3-5 PM.

Praise Team:

Piano, guitar, bass, keys, percussion, strings, woodwinds, brass, and lead singers. We pray that God would use our gifts to His glory. We practice at 9:30 AM each Sunday before the worship service. We also rehearse Thursday nights from 7:30-8:30 PM.

Children’s Choir:

Our children sing every Wednesday night in AWANA club and every Sunday morning during the 11:30 hour of King’s Kids. Vocal training for children takes place each Wednesday, from 5-5:30 PM as part of our King’s Music Training.

Music Training:

On Tuesday afternoons, Kelley Coppage, Wendy Karabensh and Matt Stott lead intensive training for musicians. Advanced string technique and musicianship runs from 3:30-5 PM. Developing string technique and musicianship runs from 4-5 PM. Beginning string technique runs from 4:30-5 PM. Children’s choir is from 5-5:30 PM. Contact matt@vero.church with any questions. 

Join us!

Contact: matt@vero.church