Why did I take FPU class?

When the church decided to have a big emphasis and promote Dave Ramsey’s FPU classes, I thought, do I really need this now? Amy and I have reached the stage of life where we have more spendable income than ever. We are pretty comfortable. We don’t have consumer debt, we only use one credit card and we pay it off each month. We have an emergency fund in savings. So why take the class?

We are taking the class for the first time, even though we have listened to and respected Dave Ramsey’s advise for many years. What have we learned as we move into week 4 working on a detailed budget? We are learning to tell every dollar that we earn where to go and what we want those dollars to do. Also, we are learning how to be better managers of every dollar God gives us. I just feel more obedient to the Lord. We were at the place where we just spent money and knew we had enough to spend and we didn’t have to worry about where it was going. We were “lousy-goosy” with our money. This budgeting is making us pray over each dollar and say, “Lord, what do you want us to do with our extra dollars?”

It has not been easy. I have whined about going through all the details. But I am persevering because I truly believe God is honored by our discipline and effort.
I am sharing this testimony because we are giving many of you a second chance. On April 8th we are starting new classes of FPU. The cost is $84 and that is the best $84 you will spend this year, I PROMISE. Please sign up at the Welcome Desk or contact me directly. You will be blessed if you join this class.
Pastor Al