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Man of Sorrows
I Have A Hope
Greeting and Opportunities For Service
Children’s Feature What is our only hope in life and death? Answer: that we are not our own but belong to God.
Let Your Glory Fall Worship Choir, Worship Team and Congregation
Sermon The Prophets Pastor Frank Ellis
Response to The Word Gospel Song 



Bible Fellowships at 9 & 11:30
Sunday Morning Worship only at 10:15


  • 6:00 Awana 
  • 6:00 Extreme Lives (Students 7 – 12 grade)
  • 6:15 Worship Team and Instruments
  • 6:15 Intercessory Prayer group (Room 109)
  • 6:30 Adult Bible Study (301-302)

Every Saturday @ 6:00pm Reminder that preschool care is available during the worship service.

Room 109 at 6:15pm Wednesdays nights
This ministry is open to every believer. There are problems that cannot be resolved any other way; problems in the lives of individuals, families, or problems of whole nations. We have a big God and he responds to the prayers of His people. We invite you to become a part of this informal group.

Last Sunday Evening’s joint concert with First Baptist Church of Athens, Tennessee was a wonderful time of worship music and praise. The evening was “LiveStreamed” on our King’s Baptist Church Facebook account. Click on the link below to access:

We also have available Audio CD’s of the concert music performance available by filling out a CD request at the Welcome Center on Sunday morning. The duplication charge for the CD disks is just $2.00.

King’s will be hosting 4Kids again for their next round of foster parent training, Saturday September 8th 15th and 22nd from 9am – 4:30pm. If you have felt God calling you to become a foster parent this is an excellent opportunity to take the next step right here at King’s. For more information or to register please contact 4Kids at:
Phone: 954-266-9258

Our Nominating Team for the Church is meeting this month to find volunteers for ministry teams. Please be ready to “Say Yes” when you get your call.

Awana has started with great enthusiasm. We are teaching children from 3 yrs old to 6th grade.
Please continue to promote and invite families to become part of this wonderful ministry every Wednesday from 6pm-7:30. Kids learn about Jesus and they memorize Scripture.

Pastor Bob and Pastor Tyler will be traveling to partner with Josh and Micah September 27-October 6. They will be traveling into villages to share the Gospel with those who have never heard it before. They are also in need of financial support for the trip. If you have an opportunity for them to raise support or you feel led to give, please contact the church office.

Friday, September 21st at 6:00pm
An informative dinner at Pastor Frank and Terri’s home for those interested in becoming a member! Fill out the Blue Pew Card or fill out our on-line form Membership Matters if you would like to attend.

Time for everyone to make their new commitment to SERVE an HOUR, WORSHIP an HOUR, AND CONNECT an HOUR. The connection hour is Bible Study. We have two hours of Bible study now. 9am and 11:30. Below you will see the new line up of adult classes. Please notice at 9am we have a Systematic Theology class starting. This is for those who want to dig deeper. All of our classes emphasize the Bible so find the group that works best for you.

9am Classes:
Room 109    Systematic Theology – John Blanch
Room 107    Irwin Hunt
Room 401    Steve Lewis
Room 300    Dan Storz
Fell. Hall  Larry Hoffeditz
Room 301    Rich Forsen
Room 305    Ann Montgomery
Room 307    Larry Johnson

11:30 Classes:
Room 301    Dan Mattson
Room 303    James Namvar
Room 401    Jim Beckley
Room 109    Noah Littleton
Room 306    Jim Schorner

We hope soon to announce a few more new groups. Everyone keep praying we reach new people and we need new groups.
Where can I serve an Hour on Sundays?
For those of you who have not chosen to be helpers in children or youth Bible study program, we have two other options that might work.

We need Parking lot/Door Greeters on Sunday morning. We want to meet people right when they get out of their car. On the first Sunday meet in the lobby and 8:45am and you will be assigned a spot.

The second option is work in our new food/snack ministry. Brian Danforth is our leader and they will be putting out snacks for everyone arriving for 9am and then we give more substantial food at 11:15 as people leave church and head to 11:30 BIBLE STUDY. Please contact the church office is interested and we will get your name to Brian.

9am every Sunday room 109
What is Systematic Theology?
One definition is: What does the whole Bible teach us today about any given topic? For instance, the Word of God. What do learn about the Scripture throughout the Bible. This class is for those who want to go deep and be serious students. You will be blessed. Give it a try!

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